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Vietnam local beer

vietnam local beer

Vietnam is well-known as a country with consumed beer the highest in the world. Following that, many type of beer in Vietnam has produced for local people’s demand. Tourists will be excited to know drinking beer culture in Vietnam.

hanoi beer vietnam local beer

Hanoi beer

There are many type of beer in Vietnam, for example: Hanoi Beer, Saigon Beer, Huda beer, tiger beer, truc bach beer…Tourists can easy to find one of them that they like. Some names of beer are characteristic for of regions like: Hanoi beer in Hanoi, Saigon beer in Saigon, Huda beer in Hue city, Nada beer in Nam Dinh province…Therefore, local people in the North of Vietnam like drinking Hanoi beer, in the middle and south like drinking Saigon beer or Huda. Anyway, tourists can easy to find all of them in Hanoi or in Saigon.

saigon beer vietnam local beer

Similar with many type of beer, there are many types of beer shop o Vietnam, from very simple to luxury shop, bar…Of course, rate for will be changed following that.
In summer, the weather in Vietnam is quite hot. People often find to beer shop to reduce hot after one day hard working. Most of clients are men. Some famous shop: Hai Xom beer, Lan Chin beer are attractive address for people in Hanoi. These addresses are well-known for local people mostly. For travelers, Hanoi Old Quarter in Hanoi and Pham Ngu Lao street in Saigon are best choices. That is so interesting.
Joining in Vietnam tours, please remember to taste local beer in Vietnam to get sweet memories.


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