How to Get the Vietnam Tourism Safety

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. However, some tourists met some problems during the trip in Vietnam country. Today, we will give the essential information with a cool head and sensible planning for you to get the Vietnam […]


The ceramic road in Hanoi

My house is in Cua Bac street, and my office is located in Xuan Dieu street; which means that everyday, I have to commute at 7.30 am. To be honest, travelling from home to work at rush hour is not a fun routine event, especially when traffic jams easily occur and you are stuck in […]


5 Tips for travelling to Vietnam in rainy season

Vietnam is well-known for its monsoon season, which can deter many travellers from visiting this naturally beautiful country. But, exploring Vietnam in the rainy monsoon season isn’t ready that bad. For instance, with less crowds and foot traffic, the tourist sights and attractions are more open to explore. The rainy season can run from May […]



When people tell me they hate Bangkok, I understand. When I first went to Bangkok in 2006, I despised the city and couldn’t wait to get out. It’s not the best tourist city in the world. Outside of shopping and a few temples, there’s not much to do. Plus, it’s dirty and it smells. It wasn’t until […]


Tips From the Banker: The Real Cost of Travel in Vietnam

Perhaps you’ve heard that traveling in Vietnam can be quite cheap.  Perhaps you’ve heard that the country can be seen for around the holy grail of $30 per day.  Perhaps you’ve heard you can eat, sleep, and explore it quite well on a very limited budget. I’m here to say that you heard correctly.  After […]


10 Things to do in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang surely will be one of your highlights traveling through Laos. Luang Prabang is a city in the north of Laos and famous for its cultural and religious sights, as well as its French Colonial influenced architecture. If you are planning to tick another great UNESCO World Heritage site off your bucket list, you […]



It seems that everyone is going to Thailand right now. I have friends thinking about going, friends going, and friends there already. It must be all that snow and cold weather in the Northern hemisphere right now! At the end of last year, I spent a considerable amount of time in the city. It’s one […]

[06/06/2011 2:10:43 PM]  Ðu?ng Lâm thu?c th? xã Son Tây (Hà N?i), hi?n còn t?i 956 ngôi nhà truy?n th?ng có niên d?i t? th? k? 16, n?m r?i rác t?i các thôn Ðông Sàng, Mông Ph? và Cam Th?nh.... Nét d?c s?c c?a Ðu?ng Lâm là ? nh?ng ngôi nhà g?, v?i tu?ng xây b?ng dá ong, n?m quanh co bên con du?ng làng du?c lát g?ch nghiêng. Ð?n Ðu?ng Lâm, ngu?i ta th?c s? ?n tu?ng và không kh?i ng? ngàng b?i m?nh d?t “ Hai Vua ” ( quê c?a Phùng Hung và Ngô Quy?n ) còn luu gi? du?c nh?ng s?c màu th?i gian, v?i m?t th? gi?i ?n ch?a nhi?u di?u bí ?n d?n du?c hé m?. Gi?a vòng xoáy h?i h? c?a th?i hi?n d?i bên ngoài, ngôi làng c? ch?a d?ng lu?ng giá tr? van hóa kh?ng l? này v?n l?ng l? khép mình vào m?t góc tu?ng ch?ng b? quên lãng. Trong ?nh:  Nhà anh Hà Van Th? - m?t trong ba gia dình còn gi? l?i ngh? s?n xu?t tuong Mông Ph? n?i ti?ng m?t th?i. ?nh: Nh?t Anh -TTXVN

Duong Lam- A taste of ancient village and old time of Vietnam

Situated in Son Tay town, only 1.5 hours from Hanoi -that time is the mostly getting out of the traffic in the city, the drive to Duong Lam is scenic providing views of smaller towns and farming. Entrances with heavy doors that lead to courtyards with serene goldfish ponds, an old village well, ornate roof […]


10 Epic Pictures of Cambodia

You might have island hopped in Thailand, motorbiked through Vietnam and cruised down a river in Laos, but now it’s time to head to Cambodia! We could spend days talking about the things that make this country so special but we all know that pictures speak a thousand words… Here are 10 of our favourite shots that […]


Off The Beaten Track In Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Killing Fields, S21 Museum and Sihanoukville – all ticked off during your time in Cambodia? We have to say, that is a great start. These are some of Cambodia’s most popular attractions and places to visit. Cambodia is a country a little bit behind Thailand in terms of tourism and infrastructure, but with […]