Asia is a huge continent in the world which offers a plethora of opportunities for the newlywed couples to enjoy the palatial time in a romantic way. The intoxicating destinations are known as the ideal gateway for the couples which highlights a unique blend of the culture, architecture and history. Pristine beaches, beautiful cities, majestic mountains, Islands, deserts and sightseeing at the incredible honeymoon destinations attract the leisure and thrill seekers. Beautiful and romantic honeymoon destinations in Asia gives a glimpse of the different culture and tradition. Enjoy the romantic holidays in the most romantic way which leaves you spellbound. Every year, millions of visitors across the world to start the new phase of life in the most enthralling and luxurious way.

top Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Here is a nutshell of top most honeymoon destinations in Asia that make you feel cherished and delightful.

1- Maldives

Maldives is the majestic honeymoon destination for the couples which is famous for the Islands, Bluewater and natural beauty. One of the most desirable spots in Asia enthrall the curious enthusiasts for the comfortable accommodation, fine dining, aqua-recreational activities and marine animals. For the romantic holidays, no place is better than Maldives that take couples to spend the time in the most memorable and exciting way. Indulge in the amazing activities where mosques, viewpoint, sunset views, sandy beaches and gardens impress the curious enthusiasts. The enchanting beauty of the glittering blue water in the amazing moonlight leaves you spellbound.

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2- Bali

Bali is a beautiful Island area for the couples to enjoy a honeymoon in the most romantic way. Observe marine animals, thundering waves and adventurous water sports in Bali which makes your trip memorable and excited. A tropical honeymoon destination in Asia comprises the temples, Islands and museums. Explore the different art and handicrafts gives a fantastic experience to the lovers of art. Sandy shores, Volcanoes, lush green gardens, picturesque landscapes and stunning waves offer a fantastic experience to the couples. Romantic beach villas and eco-friendly hideaways make your trip pleasant and exciting.

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3- Malaysia

Malaysia is truly considered a paradise for the lovers to enjoy holidays in the most impeccable way. A perfect blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay culture at the well-known tourist spot attracts the couples to spend time with your loved ones. Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Genting highlands, Johor Bahru and Cameron highlands in Malaysia offers majestic views. Observe marine animals, valley, cable car, diverse flora and fauna take couples to indulge in the exciting activities. Malaysia is bestowed with the tropical surroundings and unique attractions to impress the voyagers. A perfect blend of diverse culture, turquoise water, pristine beaches and luxury ambiance at the single platform fill you in never fading excitement.

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4- Singapore

Singapore is the perfect gateway for the couples to enjoy a honeymoon in the most romantic way. The top notch enthralling destination is known as the wonderful spot in Asia that highlights the ancient and modern architecture. Enjoy the company of nature at the garden city which surely cherishes your mood. Enjoy scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling and jet skiing in Singapore that excites the curious spectators. Pamper yourself in the mouthwatering cuisines, luxurious accommodation, thrilling waves, aqua creational activities and shopping. Unique attractions, natural wonders, sea shores, majestic sunset views and diverse culture in Singapore can’t be missed in life. Click photographs in the spectacular scenery in Singapore that remains in your lifetime memories.

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5- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the most visited tourist destination for the honeymooners which comprises beaches, highest mountains, rainforests, wildlife and nature. A unique destination in Asia w welcomes the couples to enjoy the romantic honeymoon. Stroll along the sandy beaches with your loved ones, witness the waves and watch the spectacular sunset views in Sri Lanka. Tropical climate, hills and tea plantation excites the thrill seekers with a myriad range of challenging tasks to work with potential. . An Island nation is also considered as a home to the religious languages with diverse landscapes, rainforests, highlands and sandy beaches. Relax and enjoy the pleasant time at the majestic holiday spot which makes your trip memorable.

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6- Vietnam

Vietnam is the romantic gateway for the couples that never fails to impress the couples with its iconic charm and majestic views. Beachfront bars in Vietnam offers the opportunity to sip a cocktail with your loved ones that cherish your mood. A pleasant country in South East Asia gives an amazing experience to the visitors for enjoying boat trips and scuba diving. A plethora of fun opportunities at a preferable tourist destination gives an unforgettable experience to the young couples. Sightseeing, tranquil beaches, rivers and bustling city make Vietnam an ideal spot for couples.

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7- Thailand

Thailand is the beautiful Island destination which is famous for the night markets, vibrant festivals, temples and national parks. Enjoy the romantic time with your better half while observing the blue water waves in the ocean, leisure at the sandy beaches and click photographs. The most stunning spot in Asia offers numerous exciting and thrilling activities including snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing that casts an everlasting impression on the mind of the voyagers. Sip cocktails at the most popular bars in Thailand with a view of the scenic beauty, historical sites and waves that please the couples.

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8- Philippines

The Philippines has become the most preferred destination for the couples to enjoy the romantic time with your loved ones. Numerous fun activities, waterfalls and natural splashes at the breath-taking destination is also known as a paradise for the honeymoon couples. The tropical spot is endowed with a myriad range of beautiful Islands, rocky terrains, amazing sunrise and sunset views. A romantic gateway for the couples takes couples on a majestic journey while strolling along the beach and observe the marine animals. Considered as a paradise with tranquil beaches, luxury resorts, picturesque landscapes, culture and adventurous activities that fill you in never fading excitement.

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9- Cambodia

Cambodia is an enthralling romantic honeymoon destination in Asia which comprises historical wonders, sandy shores and waterfalls. The magical islands take visitors to leisure, bask the sun and enjoy aqua-recreational activities. The great honeymoon destination with turquoise sea, luxury hotels and spectacular sites take couples indulge in the exciting activities. Witness the most thrilling destination, traditional spots, lake and village which enthrall the curious enthusiasts. Enthralling lakes, complex and natural wonders take couples to enjoy holiday sin the most impressive ways.

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10- Laos

Laos is the most quintessential destination in Asia which is the most liked by the couples. The perfect romantic spot which is popular amongst the newly wed couples that comprise joyride, amazing architecture, temples, waterfalls and countryside. One of the most idyllic gateways for the honeymooners which take couples to enjoy the breathtaking sunset views. Laos is blessed with the pleasant atmosphere, high rise buildings and charming beauty for a relaxed honeymoon. Observe the unseen beauty of the magical destination which offers a plethora of enjoyment opportunities for an enchanting and unforgettable honeymoon. A glimpse of the Buddhist architecture, shrine and mysterious heritage sites with the scenic views of the landscapes please the couples.

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11- Dubai

Dubai is the perfect destination for the couples where the Arabian Sea, desert and unique attractions are found on a single platform. The tallest tower, 7-star hotel, unique attractions, tropical climate, artificial marvel and private beaches enthrall the curious voyagers. A perfect blend of world class facilities, leisure, scrumptious dining, shopping and luxurious stay gives a never fading experience to the enthusiasts. A shopaholic paradise for the couples that allow you to collect souvenirs for the family or friends. In the golden sand of the desert, enjoy the safari tour where overnight camping is specially arranged for the couples. Mesmerizing views of the desert, belly dance, tanoura dance and buffet dinner impress the couples for an exciting experience. Impressive views of the sunset and fine dining on a dhow cruise can be enjoyed with the sweet musical sounds while floating in the water. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, Dubai Marina, Souks, mosques and parks take couples to click photographs in the spectacular scenery.

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12- Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an ideal honeymoon destination in Asia with vast sandy escapes, world class hospitality, parks, gardens and restaurants. Enjoy the awe-spring chilling views at the romantic spot while strolling along the city that fills you in never fading excitement. Explore the beauty of the Islands, spectacular sites and lush green forests which take thrill seekers to enjoy a honeymoon in the most impressive ways. For the romantic honeymoon, no place is better except Hong Kong where mouthwatering cuisines, comfortable accommodations and majestic views attract the couples. The beauty of the city in the twinkling star night take the couples to enjoy the spectacular views in romantic escapes.

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13- Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful honeymoon destination in Asia that comprises an infinity pool to enjoy the stunning views of the city. A glimpse of the cultural and adventurous activities in Turkey attracts the leisure and thrill seekers to enjoy the honeymoon. A romantic gateway for the couples which highlights the diverse cultural heritage, blue mosque, historical sites and picturesque landscapes. The major honeymoon destination with tranquil beaches enthrall the curious enthusiasts. A unique blend of culture and adventure make the trip exciting and memorable where you can also enjoy the hot air balloon ride for a thrilling experience.

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14- Taiwan

Taiwan is the small Island destination in Asia which offer a plethora of enjoyment opportunities to the visitors. Explore the dramatic landscapes, high mountains, adventure to immerse in the iconic beauty and charm which presents splendid views. The oldest city is a unique blend of colonial and Asian architecture that make Taiwan a paradise for the couples. Explore the natural wonders, charming architecture, scenic views and shopping at the enchanting wonderland. Marvelous attractions in Taiwan include beaches, teahouse, majestic peaks and iconic wonders. A shopaholic paradise to collect souvenirs for family or friends that make your palatial time memorable.

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15- Japan

Japan is the perfect getaway for the couples that offers warm hospitality, world-class services and delicious cuisines. A blend of culture and tradition in the majestic holiday destination take honeymooners to enjoy in the most romantic way. Picturesque landscapes, enchanting sights and the Pacific Ocean in Japan enthrall the visitors to spend the palatial time with your loved ones. Majestic and splendid views of the landscapes with a glimpse of the traditional Japanese culture make you feel cherish and delightful. A romantic gateway in Asia with mountains, ultra-modern cities, high mountains, snowy peaks and Islands gives a wonderful experience. The scenic beauty of the surroundings, waterfalls, parks and markets make it an incredible destination for the couples to enjoy a honeymoon in the most romantic way.

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