When traveling to another country for tourism, you will have to face scamming concerns, especially relating to price and shopping. Local people can overcharge you.  There are even different prices on the English menus than on the Vietnamese ones.  It’s very easy to feel disrespected from all the people who don’t give back correct change or try to charge you more.  However in overall, Vietnam is still a very inexpensive country to travel in, so if you handle controlling ways, you can still enjoy your perfect Vietnam tours. Here are some useful tips that will facilitate your trip in Vietnam.

Get knowledge about your destination

Before joining in your trip, you should spend time to get information on destination you will visit to have general view as well as personal appraisal for a detailed plan. In detail, accommodation, restaurants, transferring and local price level in comparison with your own country whether it is more expensive or cheaper. Those will facilitate your trip to avoid unexpected troubles. Currently, there are many tourism forums sharing helpful information. Enriching pre-trip knowledge to become a smart Vietnam tourists who will not be ripped off by local vendors or taxi drivers.

Keep in mind Vietnam hotline

Keep in mind Vietnam hotline when shopping in vietnam tours

Most foreign tourists accept swallow the bitter pill or just post a personal complaint status on their social apps to give away to anger rather than get involved in a pricing quarrel at a strange country. To avoid this complication, take note hotline number of local tourism authority where you are traveling. They will help you resolve any disputes as well as protecting your safety.

Choose crowed food stores/restaurants with local people

Choose crowed food stores/restaurants with local people vietnam tours

The better restaurants with more delicious meals, the more visitors come. You can add street food stores along Hanoi Old Quarter roads instead of luxury restaurants into your Vietnam itinerary to experience fully local characteristic cuisine as well as get cheaper price.

Order products/food/ hotel rooms with public price

Order products/food/ hotel rooms with public price vietnam tours

Firstly, you should avoid restaurants that do not display prices, or in case you have a passion to try, ask about the prices clearly before ordering. Secondly, take care of those that put prices in USD as well because they might demand payment in Vietnamese Dong to get more money with the expensive exchange rate.

Do not forget to bargain

Do not forget to bargain when shopping vietnam tours

One essential tip when you are going shopping is not afraid to bargain. Usually male Vietnam tourists may hesitate to pay the price, so they often buy products at more expensive rate; and as a result, the seller will charge a higher price for them. In contrast, women travelers should keep in mind to be able to negotiate for reasonable price.

In some shopping places, you may bargain to get 50-70% discount compared to the original price, while just 10-20% in other sites. If you are not a little observant, you can have to buy the item at a “ridiculous” price with the feeling of being cheated.