Located on a plateau 1.5 thousands meters above sea level, the hill town of Da Lat has long been a popular Vietnam tourist spot because of its romantic and peaceful beauty as well as the climate. It offers good atmosphere with a refreshingly cool climate all around the year while it may be very hot in other cities of Vietnam. If you are finding a place to escape from your busy days or for honeymoon holiday, Da Lat is really a perfect choice to add in Vietnam tour itinerary.


Best for: Family, couple, solo

Hours: all hours


This is the primary attractions away 12km from the center of Da Lat city. It draws both domestic and foreign travelers annually with the brand as the “roof” Da Lat where Vietnam tourists can enjoy the whole panorama view of city. LangBiang consists of two mountains, called “ He-mount” and “She-mount” relating to a legend. It is said that the name Lang Biang was derived from the name a couple who were deeply in love with each other – the boy named K’lang and the girl named Ho Biang but they were not able to get married with each other.


Best for: Family with kids, couple

Hours: 7:30 – 17:00

DALAT FLOWER GARDENS Vietnam tourist spot

Whenever coming to “the city of thousands flowers” – Dalat – in Vietnam Central Highlands, it would be a huge mistake for Vietnam  tourists to skip its collection of flower gardens. By visiting a local flower farm or luckily famous annual flower festivel, you can enjoy variety of colourful flowers and plant species of this “Kingdom of flowers”.

#3. Xuan Huong Lake

Best for: Family, couple, solo

Hours: All hours

Xuan Huong Lake Vietnam tourist spot  IN DA LAT CITY

It is praised as the most beautiful lake in the heart of Da Lat surrounded by green lawns, pine trees and flower gardens. Tourists can take a walk, hire a bike or ride a horse around the lake to tour the center of the city.

#4. Valley of Love

Best for: couple

Hours: 6:00 – 19:00

Valley of Love Vietnam tourist spot  TOP 10 ATTRACTIONS IN DA LAT CITY

About 5km to the north of the center of Da Lat city, the valley is one of the most romantic landscapes that many couples spend their honeymoon time with many interesting activities and games such as jeep safari, horse riding, motorized and peddle boat on the lake

#5. Datanla Waterfall

Best for: Family, couple, solo

Hours: All year round

Datanla Waterfall Vietnam tourist spot  in Dalat city

Datanla is a large waterfall located far southward 10 km from the center of Da Lat. Visitors can admire the grandeur of the waterfall while taking part in adventurous activities like riding the rollercoaster.

#6. Bao Dai’s Summer Palace

Hours: Daily from 07:00 – 17:00

Location: On Le Hong Phong Road, about a quarter of a mile southwest of Dalat’s city centre

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace Vietnam tourist spot  in Dalat city

Bao Dai was the last king of Vietnam Feudal regime. Visiting this structure, travelers will have a chance to discover the living of the royal family through 25 rooms and its amenities.

#7. Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery)

Hours: Daily from 07:00 – 18:00

Location: 3 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dalat

Crazy House (Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery) Vietnam tourist spot in Dalat city

The name ‘Crazy House’ comes from its tree-like shape and bizarre concept, designed by Ms.Dang Viet Nga who is a Soviet-trained Vietnamese architect. With a little over a dozen rooms, each with its own unique theme, here you’ll find tunnels, ladders, concrete kangaroos; bears and tigers.

#8. Domaine de Marie Church

Domaine de Marie Church Vietnam tourist spot in Da Lat

Domaine de Marie Church is added in itineraries of many Vietnam tour operators. The church’s value is the interaction between the two cultures of Vietnam and France that makes it stand out from others in the same era.

#9. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen Monastery Vietnam tourist spot in Dalat city

Located on Phuong Hoang Mountain by Tuyen Lam Lake, Truc Lam Pagoda is for its cast bronze bell and many Buddha images. This is not only the largest monastery in Lam Dong province, but also the sightseeing and worship place for both locals and tourists. Go up there by cable car and admire the view from the top.

#10. Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda Vietnam tourist spot  in Dalat city

Linh Phuoc is one of the most well-known pagodas in Vietnam with a 37-metre bell tower – the tallest in the country. The pagoda represents the unique terracotta mosaic arts of Da Lat.