Are you planning for a private Vietnam tour? Are you finding what attractions should be added in your Vietnam tour itinerary and what activities to do mostly? Here are some tips suggested for you to have great private trip in Vietnam as below.

  1. Go down to the Southern of Ho Chi Minh city

    Vietnam travel guide: Top #5 Travel Tips for backpackers vietnam tour
    If you tent to visit the Southern of Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong Delta region is a worth trip that you cannot miss. Not only is there a super-relaxed vibes and interaction with large fruit gardens, Vietnamese tradition river boats, local music as well as friendly and hospitable people together with their daily life, but you will taste some of the most delicious food of Vietnam. It is so wonderful that may make you want to lick your plate clean every last mouthful of broth of your finished noodle soup. You also will find the unique culture here when travelling through busy floating markets and do not forget try some local fruits.

  2. Acknowledge Vietnam’s war history from the Vietnamese perspective

     Acknowledge Vietnam’s war history from the Vietnamese perspective when going vietnam tour
    Stuck in mind of many foreign tourists, Vietnam is known as a war country. But when they are in Vietnam, a different Vietnam appear in their eyes. Peace is all over Vietnam, Vietnamese is friendly with tourists. Relics of Vietnam war only exist in the Museums. Take a half day tour of the Cu Chi tunnels on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City in order to experience the perfect underground guerrilla network. Your feeling when crawling through such hot and narrow tunnels that they are fit for a Vietnamese person will be really strange and admired attitude. That is a momentary sense of what harsh conditions must have been like during old conflict. There are many other entertainment activities operated right in Cu Chi area that will be attractive options to expand your Vietnam tour package into a full day Cu Chi visitation. There is an opportunity for you and your friends to take a firing off rounds from an authentic war era M16 or AK47 at the nearby firing range.

  3. Get a bus from your bus

     Vietnam travel guide: Top #5 Travel Tips for backpackers Get a bus from your bus vietnam tour
    You are on a backpacking tour in Vietnam and use local buses to move from attractions to attractions along Vietnam. A cheap way for transfer is using local public transportation. Most bus companies are operating a cheap shuttle service from bus stations to your hotel in town. However, foreign travelers do not know about that because they are usually unpublicized and unmarked to them. So that the taxi services that are inevitably waiting for you as soon as you get off the bus can make their dong out of you. Watch the locals moving and follow their guide. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the buses/vans to come.

  4. Go around Hanoi by walking

     Go around Hanoi by walking vietnam tour

Are you desiring to experience Vietnam’s capital from a local’s perspective without joining a tour group or paying for transportation? Let check out a Hanoi Free Walking Tour. There are student-run organizations who provide free English guiding services around the city. The big brands can be Hanoi Free tour guide club, Hanoikids and some others. They provide some planed itineraries on their website, however these are just as some inspiration. You can surely make require to go wherever you like as well as the duration of tour to be a full or half day depending on your expectation. You will just need to cover the costs of the student(s) – admission fees, while other costs like meals or any tips will be paid if you may want to give. The tour is always private, so you are made sure to have a very personalized experience on Hanoi streets with Vietnamese new guide as a friend.

  1. Whatever you do, get to Sapa

     Whatever you do, get to Sapa vietnam tour
    Sapa is one of the most spectacular destinations in Vietnam. It belongs mountainous area in Lao Cai province Vietnam that have border gate with China. Coming here, you will have chance to experience daily life of some minority groups such as: H’mong people, Red Dao people…Besides that, scenery of mountains, of terrace fields, of a small foggy town will be impression experience for most of tourists. Their Vietnam tours will be not perfect if they miss Sapa.