Traveling on a Vietnam tour or whatever destination, most probably you want to buy some “touchable memories” at visited places, don’t you? No matter the souvenirs are big or small, cheap or expensive, tourists like to bring what they like that is specific only from that country. It’s suggested that shopping at local markets, on old streets or at attractions is an activity which tourist should not miss during their Vietnam tour itinerary. To facilitate your choice, here are the lists of souvenirs from Vietnam that you can consider to bring back home.



Even though silk is also recognized as “unique” souvenirs in Thailand, Malaysia and China as well, but if you are staying in Vietnam, it should be thought to buy a scarf, a silk painting (an quite unique iconic art form of Vietnam), buy or even suit a clothe from silk (tailor can suite it during ~15 hours). The best places to buy are Hang Gai street in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi, Hoi An ancient town and silk Van Phuc village (near Hanoi). The cost of silk is vary from $5 to $10 per meter depending on silk’s quality as well as the quantity you are going to buy.


DO PAPER PRODUCTS Noteworthy souvenirs you should take home from Vietnam tours

“Do” paper is made from the bark of the Do tree. This is a wild plant that is commonly found around local riverbanks as a close relationship with local residents for many years. Nowadays, Do paper is utilized to make Hanoi’s ethnic greetings cards, bamboo-bound notebooks, water color and folk paintings. Better to search at shops along Hang Gai and Hang Bac street in Hanoi.


COFFEE Noteworthy souvenirs you should take home from Vietnam tours

Vietnamese coffee is recognized as a international famous brand for its preparation and taste (strong, add condensing milk instead of sugar).It may be a missing if you have not enjoyed a cup of coffee in coffee shops during your Vietnam tour package. It is easy to buy a package of coffee in Hoan Kiem Lake area. To get the best original taste of coffee, you are better to buy special tools additionally in order to prepare it in right way.


BAMBOO AND WOODEN PRODUCTS Noteworthy souvenirs you should take home from Vietnam tours

Thanks to the creativity and dexterity of its people, Vietnam is a country rich in handicrafts. Wooden materials are transformed into boxes, carvings, chopsticks and statuettes. Look out too for water puppet figurines, hand-carved for centuries in traditional artisan villages. Another special souvenir is Guoc Moc (wooden clogs), a traditional footwear. Vietnamese females were wearing these with Ao Dai dress in the past, but now they are no longer used. All these are popular in countless souvenir shops Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoi An ancients town, Ho chi Minh city’s streets.


CONICAL HATS Noteworthy souvenirs you should take home from Vietnam tours

Referred as leaf hat or non la, conical hat, more than an indispensable tool in daily life, has become a cultural symbol of Vietnam. The shape can be used as an umbrella protecting the wearer from the downpours of rainy and sun protector during summers. Many souvenirs that are designed more artistic based on the basic hat will be an interesting decoration.


CERAMIC Noteworthy souvenirs you should take home from Vietnam tours

Ceramic vases, lacquer paintings and vases, tea cup set and more such variety in sizes, shapes and colors of ceramic product are another popular souvenir which you should take home after your Vietnam tour. These ceramic items are hand crafted by trained Vietnamese people who still rely on the traditional methods.