Located 30 kilometers from National Highway 1A and 55 kilometers from Da Nang City, Le Pass in Que Son District of the central province of Quang Nam is known for its rural landscape and pure atmosphere with forest and Nuoc Mat (cool water) Stream on the top of the pass.


Beside naturally beautiful scenes, Le Pass is famous for eateries serving delicious dishes made from tre chicken, a specialty of this area.

Elderly people living around the foot of the pass say that in the past, the area gathered only several small shops selling essential products for visitors going up the pass. Simply built from leaves, those shops are called “quan gio” (windy shop) by local people because Le Pass is similar to a wind trap allowing winds to flow constantly through the shops.

The pass has attracted more visitors and along with them was the increasing demand for food. That was when more quan gio appearred along the way up to the pass.

Reaching the top of Le Pass, visitors can stop by Nuoc Mat Stream, where cool and limpid water flows non-stop among rocks in different sizes and shapes all year round, to feel refresh after a long journey.

After that, quan gio serving boiled, grilled, fried, and chicken porridge will make tourists completely satisfied.

While waiting for the food to be prepared, gourmets can enjoy a free sightseeing tour around the nearby area, where villages and paddy fields loom behind the smog.

Like tre chicken in the lowland, Le Pass’ chicken feed on jungle trees’ seeds and insects and the maximum weight of each chicken is about one kilogram.

The simplest recipe is boiling chicken, and then using the soup to make porridge with green bean and sticky rice. The chicken meat then can be shredded and mixed with spices and fragrant knotweed.

If having plenty of time, visitors to Le Pass can wait for the dish of chicken covered with fried sticky rice. This dish takes a lot of time to prepare but it is worth waiting. Once seeing the mouth-watering and irresistible yellow sticky rice cover which hides the fragrant boiled chicken inside, gourmets will forget all tiredness and can’t help themselves immediately enjoying the crunchy deep-fried sticky rice outside and then the soft, sweet chicken inside.