Trang Bang is one of the oldest residential areas of Tay Ninh province. In current times, even though the old village has developed into a busy urban area, the local people still preserve the traditional cuisine, one dish of which is Trang Bang Rice Paper.


The most important ingredient of this dish is rice powder. However, in order to make the right rice paper, the rice powder must be made from a special type of rice that can only be found in Trang Bang, Tay Ninh. The chef must then follow a complicated procedure consisting of many phrases.

First, the chef must wash the rice thoroughly before grinding it into a powder. Then, an adequate amount of salt and water must be added. These elements are then blended together to create the required liquid. The cook uses a spoon to put the liquid into the steaming pan to make the rice paper. When each slice of rice paper is cooked, it is dried under the sunlight for a day. The next phrase involves grilling the rice paper with peanuts until they swell into the desired size. When the grilling phrase is done, the cook puts the rice paper outside in early morning so that dew can instill in each sheet of rice paper. The last phrase is to wrap the rice papers with banana leaves to keep them soft and tasty.

The Trang Bang Rice Paper tastes best when eaten with boiled pork meat, bean sprouts, and carrots., fresh herbs are also another important element of the dish. When eating, we put the ingredients mentioned above onto a sheet of Trang Bang Rice paper, wrap them, and then dip them into the special fish sauce of Tay Ninh to fully savor the taste of this delicious dish.