Phu Yen, a province on Viet Nam’s South-Central coast, has great potential for sea tourism.

Phu Yen has been endowed by nature with a peaceful and romantic environment that has attracted many visitors. The city of Tuy Hoa has sheltered local residents’ houses amid green fields and around the Chop Chai Mountain. Clear and blue-water beaches stretch out with white sand dunes and wild rock plates – all making the location a magnificent work of nature. The mossy and serene Mang Lang Temple is one of the local beauty-spots, creating a unique beauty for the local scenery.


Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of Stone Plates) with strange hexagon shaped rock formation is a unique landscape of Viet Nam

(Photo: Trong Dat/VNP)

Phu Yen reminds many visitors of the Ghenh Da Dia, the overlapped rocky plates in An Ninh Dong Commune of Tuy An District. It is truly a strange geological scene and said to be second-to-none in Viet Nam. Seen from afar, it is close to the coast and always splashed by sea waves, the rocky columns look like a huge beehive, built with many rocky plates of different shapes and sizes and interlocked in layers.

Meanwhile, O Loan Lagoon, also in Tuy An District and a national-level beauty-spot, attracts visitors due to its romantic feel. Seen from above, the lake looks like a big bird ready to fly to the sky with its huge wings. There are lots of special aquatic products living in the lake, of which the O Loan blood cockles are particularly well known in the region.


O Loan Lagoon is national beautiful scenery (Photo: VNP’s file)

Built near the peaceful Ba River, the Mang Lang Temple with its nearly 120 year-old history, has preserved a national precious item, the Catechisms book, the first national language printed book of the Vietnamese made by Priest Alexandre de Rhodesin 1651 in Rome.

Going southwards, the Vung Ro Bay in Hoa Xuan Nam Commune of Dong Hoa district has deep blue water. The bay is surrounded by the Ca Pass, Da Bia Mountain and Hon Ba Mountain. Visitors can take tours to see the beauty of the ocean or climb Da Bia Mountain always covered in white mist.


Mang Lang Temple, which dates back nearly 120 years with ancient architecture, presents the signature culture of Phu Yen

(Photo: Thong Hai/VNP)

Not too far from Vung Ro Bay is Dai Lanh Cape, the easternmost pole of the country’s mainland where the first rays of the dawn comes to the S-shaped country of Viet Nam.

With its huge sea potential and natural beauty-spots that have been depicted in many poems, songs and movies, Phu Yen Province has plenty of opportunities for further development.